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Insurance & Legal Professionals

Those working in the insurance and legal professions benefit from our experience in the investigation, assessment and appraisal of damage and defects in building and structures, and can rely on us to provide objective and responsive expert advice and support to help resolve and reconcile problems, defects and disputes.

Where required we provide considered solutions to address damaged and defective buildings and structures. This can involve rebuilding, or reinstatement and repair. We have a good understanding and appreciation of the complex issues that can be involved including developing solutions in compliance with current Standards and Building Regulations, and the need for sympathetic and considerate approach to people in what can be distressing circumstances.

Foundation Movement

An insurance claim for foundation movement due to a leaking water pipe at this house in a conservation area to led us to provide structural design details.

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Mine Shaft Cap

Mining investigations identified a mine shaft in the garden of this property which extended under the rear wall requiring the need for a mine shaft cap.

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Slope Stabilisation

When a cliff in the rear garden of this fine property in Mylor Creek collapsed, an anchored slope stabilisation design was implemented.

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Mining Related Subsidence

This house was suffering from mining related subsidence. James Lockyer Associates carried out a structural appraisal and design to stabilise the building.

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Gabion Retaining Wall

A gabion retaining wall was designed to replace the existing collapsed gabion wall along a river bank at the bottom of this garden in Chudleigh.

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Small Vehicle Bridge

A small vehicle bridge carrying a driveway across a stream was damaged during flooding and needed replacing as it was deemed unsafe to use.

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Mining Investigations

Mining investigations around this semi-detached house with separate garage showed that the buildings overlie mining features at varying depths.

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