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The concept was to provide foundations and infrastructure to support the installation of a radome by others for an existing communications antenna to meet UK & US regulations.  James Lockyer Associates arranged for a topographical survey and ground investigations to be carried out.  Initially a piled solution was recommended to prevent settlement, however a deep trench footing was adopted due to the nearby vibration-sensitive equipment.

Liaising with the MoD Base and American radome supplier, JLA carried out the structural design of the foundation, which consisted of a 950mm wide x 1700mm deep reinforced concrete ring beam of 50m circumference, with the top of the ring beam approximately 150mm above existing ground levels.  Provision was made for two access doors, with a concrete floor slab inside the radome and cabling for services extended into the structure.  The radome was to be fixed to the ring beam with anchor bolts and the reinforcement had to be positioned to avoid the bolt locations

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  • Reinforced Concrete Foundation
  • Reinforced Concrete Foundation
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